Install ARC Player on Amazon Fire TV Stick

ARC Player Using Downloader on FireTV

You can download the app using The downloader app in Fire TV make sure to enter this Code 991098.

Using Downloader by AFTnews
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Add playlist

After Installing ARC Player you will get a 15-day free trial.
You can add your own playlist by following these instructions:

  • Add a playlist directly from the app
  • Add/manage your playlists by using your Key and Mac adress on our website
  • You can also upload your playlist as a file.

From the App

Go to ARC Player main screen

arc player main screen

Add playlist

arc player add playlist

Add a playlist from a link

Enter Playlist Name and Playlist Link.

add playlist from app

Manage Playlist online

Using website by using your Key and Mac adress. To get your device key, go to ARC Player main screen → Add playlist

Manage online playlist

Manage online playlist

and Note your Key and Mac adress now visit enter Both Mac adress and Key to manage all you playlists.

playlist online form

This is a list of All your playlists:

list playlist on the website

You can edit a playlist by clicking on edit button edit button or delete it by clicking on the delete button delete button

Adding playlist link:
add playlist with link
Adding Xstream info:
add playlist with xtream info

Manage Favorite

Samsung TV & LG Smart TV

To add a Channel to Favorites You Click on the Red A button

buttons inside channel

Then you will get this menu with list of your favorits

favorite list

Select Favourite and Click on return

Same for Series and VODs you can Click on The Heart icon once you click on it you get to choose wich Favorites.

arc player movie/serie page

To access all your favorites go to main screen and Click on Greeen B button

arc player main page

You will get a list of all your Favorits :

arc player favorite page

To Enter favorites Just select it and Click OK.

To rename it with your own name Click on Red A button Type the new name and click Confirm.

rename a favorite

To Delete A Favorite Click on Greeen B button Click Yes to Confirm.

remove a favorite

To change language

Once you are on the Main Screen Click on Yellow C button after you see the Settings menu select language.

arc player settings page

And choose your desired language

arc player change language

To Set a Lock Code

Once you are on the Main Screen Click on Yellow C button after you see the Settings menu select Parental Control.

arc player settings page

Please type playlist PIN code :

add Pin lock to app

Now you can Navigate back to this menu and choose to lock a playlist , channel or VOD , you can also lock the entire application.

To Lock/unlock a Channel or a VOD you can click on the Yellow C button

arc player channel buttons