Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do now that my Mac is activated?
After installing the ARC Player on your device and activating your MAC, you can add a playlist or many playlists directly from the app or add/manage your playlists by using your Key and Mac adress on our website www.arcplayer.com/manage

How do I add or manage playlists on my device?
you can add a playlist directly from the app or add/manage your playlists by using your Key and Mac adress on our website you can also upload your playlist as a file.
  1. Go to ARC Player main screen → Add playlist → Add a playlist from a link and enter Playlist Name and Playlist Link.
  2. To get your device key, go to ARC Player main screen → Add playlist → Manage online playlist.

I paid, but I have yet to receive the channel list.

Our app does not include any channels/movies/streaming lists. Even if you pay, you will not receive any information. the money is simply for the app membership.

So please don't request streaming content!

Can I test it first to determine whether it's right for me?
We provide a free 15-day trial to all new users, allowing you to test our application without any limitations or restrictions! Do not pay if you are not pleased within 15 days.

Is there any content on ARC Player?
No, the ARC Player application does not feature any channels or streaming media . Furthermore, we are not liable for any content published to the ARC Player program.

Where can I buy a playlist or a subscription to IPTV ?
We will not offer any information regarding where you may purchase channels or channel bundles, and we will not be held liable for any material media you use in our ARC Player application.

Can I get a refund?
We do not provide refund on memberships because everyone starts with a 15-days free trial. This is a subscription service in which you pay in advance for access to the application for a set length of time. You will have access for the period you paid for.

My MAC address has changed after I changed connection types.
Almost every TV/device, including Samsung TV , LG , Android TV, and so on, has two MAC addresses: one for Ethernet and one for WiFi. The app will use the connected MAC for activation, and the second MAC will be activated automatically after you switch to another connection type and restart ARC Player app. Every TV has a unique MAC address that cannot be altered manually.